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                 BACKPASS ISSUE 44 

ISSUE 44 (pictured) of BACKPASS is in the shops now. It costs £4.20. Issue 45 (the last in the 2014-15 cycle) will be available from Saturday, July 11.

Issue 44 features the Rioch brothers (Bruce and Neil), Alan Ball, Simon Barker, Luther Blissett, Micky Hazard, David Langan, Brian Owen, Davie Sneddon, Jim Steele and Paul Walker. It also has articles on the Bradford and Heysel disasters 30 years on, Pat Nevin on the 1982 UEFA Under-18 Championship, the 1975-76 FA Cup, Reading historian David Downs, the 1985-86 season, a Malcolm Macdonald column, the obituaries of Harry Dowd, Ray Treacy and Bill Ellerington (amongst others) plus much much more.

BACKPASS is now available as a digital magazine via the website Issue 41 is currently available to download in this format and issues 42, 43 and 44 should follow soon.

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