BACKPASS has now reverted to quarterly frequency (four issues a year) rather than bi-monthly. Subscriptions for the next three issues are available below, with Issue 54 (Spring) due out in the shops in the week commencing April 24. It will be posted to subscribers several days before this. Issue 55 (Summer) will be published in late July and 56 (Autumn) in late October.
We will then review the issue of frequency at the end of the year.

Issue 54 includes interviews with Martin O’Neill, Alan Durban, Perry Groves and Steve Whitworth, plus a tribute to Alex Young, the remarkable one-armed Jim Hasty, Ron Saunders, Stoke fans walking to Old Trafford, David Sadler on Manchester United’s 1968 European Cup winners, Margate v Spurs in the FA Cup, Football Weekly News, Glasgow Rangers from 1945 to 1970, QPR’s 1967 League Cup win, MP Alan Johnson’s Dream QPR Team, Classic Kits from 1985-86 and the 1958-59 FA Cup won by Nottingham Forest. Plus much much more.

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BACKPASS writer David McVay’s latest book, Steak Diana Ross II, Further diaries of a Football Nobody is now out and available from this website at just £8.99 including postage. The RRP is £9.99 plus postage.
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