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ISSUE 43 (pictured) of BACKPASS is now in the shops and features Brendon Batson, Jim Baxter, Nigel Callaghan, Russell Craig, Steve Kindon, Dave Mackay, Mike Pinner, Ian Rush, Garry Stanley, Adrian Heath in the USA, FA Cup finals of the 1960s, the 1968-69 FA Cup, Walsall's African adventure, Wembley's injury hoodoo, the 1958-59 season, the Daily Express Five-a-Sides and much more.

ISSUE 44 is due out on Friday, May 8. 

ISSUE 45 will be published in mid-June and will be the last of the yearly subscription cycle.

ISSUE 42 is also to be reissued in BACKPASS format only ... for keen collectors of the magazine. It will be a limited edition and will feature Sir Stanley Matthews on the cover and also include all of the retro articles in EXTRA TIME & BACKPASS, plus several others. It will be available at the end of April. See the BACKPASS page for more details. 

BACKPASS is now available as a digital magazine via the website Issue 41 is currently available to download in this format and issues 42 and 43 will follow soon.

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