BACKPASS 69 & 70

BACKPASS 69 (Spring 2020) is now available … but it will not be available in the shops. You can purchase the magazine direct from us for £4.99 plus £1 postage (see BACKPASS page) but the BACKPASS office is now only mailing out copies twice a week so please be patient.

If you can afford to subscribe for the next six issues, that would be of great benefit to the magazine in these increasingly difficult times. With uncertainty over whether Issue 70 (Summer 2020) will be in the shops, subscribing is the best and cheapest way to support the magazine. However you can buy both 69 and 70 below in a two-issue offer. Things were happening behind the scenes at BACKPASS, but for the time being, they have had to be put on hold. We will hopefully have more news on those developments in the next couple of months. Stay safe .. and thanks as ever for your wonderful support of BACKPASS.

BACKPASS 69 features interviews with Bryan Hamilton, Asa Hartford, Tony Galvin, Keith Allen, David Gregory, Pat Howard and Alan Green, Sunderland between 1945 and 1970 (Colin Todd is the front cover picture), Craig Brown on Ian Wilson, Six of the Best European Cup Winners’ Cup finals between 1963 and 1991, Colin Cowperthwaite’s golden 3.55 second goal for Barrow, Nick Hancock’s Stoke City Dream Team, Bradford (Park Avenue) v Czechoslovakia under floodlights in 1961, autograph hunter extraordinaire Mark Gray, PFA Footballers World magazine, Shoot! in the 1980s, the 1981-82 FA Cup won by Tottenham Hotspur, obituaries of Harry Gregg, George Petchey, Billy Hughes, John Shuker and others. Plus much, much more.


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