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BACKPASS is back! Reports of the death of BACKPASS have been greatly exaggerated ...

The views of the loyal hardcore readers of BACKPASS have persuaded Extra Time Publishing to put the revamped EXTRA TIME & BACKPASS on the back burner for the time being. While plenty of the feedback regarding EXTRA TIME & BACKPASS was positive and highly encouraging, there were subscribers who were particularly vocal that the product had significantly changed in format. Extra Time Publishing have listened to and acted upon those concerns, and BACKPASS will now continue in its own right until at least the end of this season. There will be three more issues of BACKPASS this season ... 43, 44 and 45 and they will be in the shops as normal. All three will be packed with retro football, with particular emphasis from the 1960s to the 1980s.

ISSUE 43 (pictured) will be in the shops on Saturday, March 14 and will feature Brendon Batson, Jim Baxter, Nigel Callaghan, Russell Craig, Steve Kindon, Dave Mackay, Mike Pinner, Ian Rush, Garry Stanley, Adrian Heath in the USA, FA Cup finals of the 1960s, the 1968-69 FA Cup, Walsall's African adventure, Wembley's injury hoodoo, the 1958-59 season, the Daily Express Five-a-Sides and much more.

ISSUE 42 is also to be reissued in BACKPASS format only ... for keen collectors of the magazine. It will be a limited edition and will feature Sir Stanley Matthews on the cover and also include all of the retro articles in EXTRA TIME & BACKPASS, plus several others. See the BACKPASS page.

BACKPASS and BACKSPIN will both be available in digital formats in the next few weeks. They will be available via the website 

Issue 9 of BACKSPIN is in the shops now. A decision on the future of BACKSPIN will be made soon. BACKSPIN 9 features Colin Cowdrey, Gordon Greenidge, Afrtab Baloch, Brian Statham, Jack Birkenshaw, John Derrick, Graham Gooch, Neil Hartley, John Manners, Mike and Derek Taylor, The Oval press box, Lost Grounds of Derbyshire, the 1984 season and much more besides. It costs £4.20.

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