We are sad to announce that Issue 60 of BACKPASS will be the final issue published and edited by the magazine’s founder Mike Berry.
The magazine is currently up for sale, but if no sale is forthcoming then Issue 60 will be the final issue.
If that becomes reality, then all subscribers will receive a refund for the missing two issues.
Should the magazine be sold on, then subscribers will have the option of continuing with a new publisher or receiving a two-issue refund. However if you are a subscriber and require a £9 refund now, please email Mike Berry at and he will organise it for you.
(All overseas subscribers will be refunded before February 1).
We would like to thank Nick Blackburn, Peter Coates and the PFA for their recent assistance in keeping the magazine afloat beyond Issue 56.
Their attempts to secure a long-term future for the magazine were much appreciated.

Binders are now back in stock but this will be the final batch. Once these are sold, that will be the end of BACKPASS binders. You can purchase one at the foot of the BACKPASS page.

Issue 57 of BACKPASS is out now and available in the shops from Saturday, December 23. It is uncertain whether Issues 58, 59 and 60 will be in the shops so subscriptions for the next four issues are available below, or by sending a cheque to BACKPASS, PO Box 6377, Stratford-upon-Avon, CV37 1PX.
We are no longer taking orders over the telephone.

If you are seriously interested in acquiring the magazine, please contact Mike Berry at


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UK subscription for £18 (57-60)


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